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Sauna accessories

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Sauna accessories kit (wood) - Saunabox

An easy and smart way to get all the needed traditional sauna accessories at one time: the sauna kit includes an wooden bucket with plastic...
178.50 лв.

Aroma fragrances

Sauna fragrances: 250 ml - pine, birch, eucalyptus, fir, lavender, mango, menthol, mint, spruce
36.00 лв.

Sand Timer for sauna - 15 min.

Time passes quickly in the relaxed atmosphere of a sauna. Since no clock can withstand the heat, time can easily get away from you with no way off...
35.70 лв.

Sauna bucket clock

Attractive wooden clock made from the bottom of a pine sauna bucket, 23 cm diameter and 9 cm deep, this sauna theme clock cannot...
104.94 лв.

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Wooden Thermometer - Hygrometer for sauna
69.07 лв.

Copper ladle for sauna
58.80 лв.

Wooden ladle for sauna

Wooden laddle used for sprinkling water on top of the hot sauna rocks of the sauna heater, electric or wood-burning. Used together with sauna bucket...
25.00 лв.

Wooden sauna bucket - 5 l

In dry saunas, where the stones are not sprinkled with water, the relative humidity (RH) is as low as 5–10%. In wet saunas, when water is...
70.00 лв.

Wooden sauna bucket and laddle - 4 l

Wooden Sauna bucket with plastic insert - 4 liters, and wooden ladle, for sprinkling water on the rocks of a Finnish-style sauna heater. This...
105.83 лв.

Sauna twigs

Massage twigs for russian bath. Used to stimulate the blood circulation, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. It also stimulates the skin.
28.80 лв.